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       Prom School is the first private kindergarten in Latkrabang District, Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded in 1990 with the love and passion of Mrs. Monthatip Padlom, the school director, who wishes to see students grow up among joyfulness and learn in a warm, friendly and safe environment. At the beginning, the school name was “Prom Kindergarten” which came from the founder’s supportive mother, Mrs. Boonprom Komolkul.

       At that time, Prom Kindergarten consisted of a white two-story building with a red roof that was surrounded by nature and two playgrounds. The facilities supported students from K.1 to K.3 with only one classroom for each level.

      Not long after the establishment, the school received tremendous support from parents due to our teaching qualities and the school needed to add Pre-Kindergarten level and expand each grade to two classrooms.

       In January 2010, our new modern building was finished. With a budget of 20 million THB, it has many classrooms, student laboratories and a learning center preparing for the primary school. The school campus is also expanded to 1.2 acres (3 rais).

       At the 20th anniversary in 2010, the school changed our name from “Prom Kindergarten” to “Prom School” and introduced the Primary School with an Intensive English Program (IEP.) that all students from K.1 to G.6 would study an English subject with foreign teachers once daily. Once again, Prom School was the first school in Latkrabang district that had an Intensive English Program as the only program for every grade level.

       In 2020, Prom School celebrated our 30 years of excellence in education and continued to encourage our students to learn with fun, find their skills and values, and develop their individual abilities to full potential. At Prom School, our curriculum is always designed in the theme of  

Fun Find Focus - เรียนปนเล่น เน้นค้นหา พัฒนาต่อยอด

Director’s message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Prom School website. I hope that you enjoy learning more about our school and receive some useful information as you navigate through our website.

It goes without saying that Prom School is our students’ second home, here each child will be recognized and develop their character strengths. We encourage students to love learning and have pride in their unique accomplishment including outstanding academics, languages, arts, music and sports. We are committed to providing a high quality education, complemented by a holistic approach to the needs of each child as clearly seen by current students and alumni of Prom School.

At Prom School, we are also proud of our highly motivated staff in this heartwarming community. Our teachers and supportive staff are carefully selected to be a part of the well-being school with reasonable remuneration and benefits because we believe that when people are in a state of wellbeing at work, they are able to develop their potential, build positive relationships with students, and make meaningful contributions.

       I look forward to working with you and our students at Prom School. A high quality education is the foundation on which success in life is built. Our school is preparing our students to be the world citizen with confidence and joyfulness as they wish.

Ms. Kittiporn Chaisrisongkram
School Director

Our staff

SLT (The School Leadership Team)

Ms. Kittiporn Chaisrisongkram


Mr. Akarachai Padlom


Pichaya Padlom​

Deputy Manager

Foreign teachers

William Conrad


Michelle Rudakov


Paul Calancea


Nella Swart


Han Baotao



Chouvanee Dedsakdapron​

B.Ed. (Primary Education)

Chuleeporn Maneekanta​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Ploypailin Suksanguan​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Punyavee Sujansee​

B.Ed. (Primary Education)

Suratda Appakarat​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Benjawan Boonma​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Apinya Chawsamun

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Uraiwan Kajornmote

B.Ed.(English language)

Ploypailin Klomsang​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Urai Panajan​

B.Ed. (Sciences)

Natthaya Mongkon​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Kulyaporn Maytheeviriyakul​

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Wannida kulabkulee

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Jiraporn Pimsomporn

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Thitima Naimrat

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Primary School

Tussanee Chaowekin​

B.Ed. (Education technology)

Punyanuch Supprasert​

B.Ed. (Thai language) , M.A. (Buddhism)

Thanyalux Jaisamkan​


Kanwara​ Wongsawat​​

B.Ed. (Thai dance)

Chularak Munthawornwong

B.A. (English language)

Dechawat Kaewdon​

B.Ed. (Physical Education)

Kanraphat hongtong​

B.Ed. (Sciences)

Uthumporn promsan​

B.Ed. (Primary Education)

Onanong srimuang​

B.Ed. (Social Studies)

Rataphon Soykeeree​

B.A. (Music)

Wipawanee Sukjai

B.F.A. (Communication Design) , PGCE

Wilas Duanghaklang​

B.A. (English language)

Wannapa Ruenroeng

B.Ed. (English language)


Yupha Kingprompoo


Thouchaphol Petcharat


School facilities

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