At Prom School, we deliver a curriculum based on a project based approach and a play-based learning that respond to individual needs across all areas of learning activities and development. We base our teaching on the Early Childhood Curriculum B.E. 2546 (2003) of the Thailand national curriculum.

In the early childhood curriculum, it is divided into two main structures:



Key experiences that students will gain in four parts including intellectual experiences, social experiences, emotional experiences and physical experiences.




Learning areas comprise bodies of knowledge, skills or learning processes and desirable characteristics, attainment of which is required of all learners. The contents are divided into four learning areas: Stories about kids, Persons and places, Things around the kids, and Nature around the kids


       All learning experiences in Prom School are based on the children’s needs, we teach them through 6 different learning activities including Movement & rhythm activity, Exploration activity, Creative activity, Outdoor activity, Freestyle activity, and Game activity. Teachers will help children develop their key experiences by becoming involved in their play in addition to individual and group activities.

       At the same time, students will also learn with a project based approach. Each term, they will choose the topic or things that they are interested in. By letting students to choose, work together and solve the problem, we foster curiosity, creativity and Executive Functions (EF) for success later in life.

       In addition, we understand that English proficiency is one of the most important abilities. We develop our Intensive English Program (IEP.) that K.1 and older grade students will

      study an English subject with qualified international teachers once daily, while other learning activities are taught by two qualified Thai classroom teachers to ensure that they are cared for throughout the day.

Primary school

       In primary school, our curriculum also follows a project based approach and a play-based learning experience. Students are encouraged to learn with fun, explore their skills , and develop their individual abilities to full potential. We base our teaching on the Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551 (2008) of the Thailand national curriculum.


Notable principles underlying the Basic Education Core Curriculum are as follow.


Notable principles



Decision making principle.  Teachers, parents and students in different grades will have different levels of influence to choose and make a decision about the student learning experience. Older grade students can choose what subject or skills that they want to develop by themselves with lesser guidance.




Enrich and enlarge principle. Students in grade 1-2 are in the age of exploring and expanding their horizons, our teachers will allow them to access as many topics / subjects as they are interested in. While G.3-4 students started to know what they are good at and what they like, it is a good time for them to start an experiment through students’ research and carry out projects on a subject/topic of their choice either independently, in pairs or in small groups. After years of exploration and experimentation, students in G.5-6 will understand clearer about their potential, our teachers will challenge them and help them extend their skills and knowledge.




Exchange and Interaction principle. We encourage students at Prom School to exchange their knowledge and practice with their peers. While the younger grade students may only have an horizontal interaction with their classmates, the older grade students will start to interact vertically in some mixed-age classrooms and in the student clubs.




Core curriculum principle. Although each student has individual needs and interests, we still teach them all the subjects based on the Basic Education Core Curriculum with additional subjects including English and Chinese with international qualified teachers. To develop students’ interests, we allow students to choose the student clubs and extra subjects.

       After our analysis and research on Thailand's Basic Education Core Curriculum, we divided the subjects into 2 groups: the knowledge based subjects and the skill based subjects. We provide all students all the basic subjects from both groups as core subjects taught in the school combining with advanced subjects as complementary subjects such as English, Chinese, Music, Computing Science and coding.

      At Prom School, we follow the same philosophy as kindergarten but become more academic as we teach them more subjects and skills. Our curriculum is always designed in the theme of 

“fun, find and focus”

       The Project Approach is one of the teaching strategies that we guide students through in-depth studies of real-world topics. Each term, students will choose a topic / research question from their interests and our school offers at least one class per week for classroom teachers to offer support and advice when needed, and to provide the necessary scaffolding and teaching of skills when necessary.

       Most importantly, we continue our Intensive English Program (IEP.) from K.1 to Grade 6. All students will study an English subject with qualified international teachers once daily, and a Mandarin Chinese subject twice weekly while other subjects are taught by qualified 

Extra Subjects

English subject with fully qualified international teachers

English has been considered as an international language of communication. Our school Intensive English Program (IEP.) offers students from K.1 to G.6 an English Subject with fully qualified international teachers once daily. All English teachers at Prom School have at least a bachelor degree in related fields with teaching experience and are accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Learning Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language

Since China is currently the World’s 1st largest economy, learning Mandarin Chinese is becoming essential for doing business both local and global. At Prom School, Primary students will study Mandarin Chinese 2 classes per week with qualified native speakers, while kindergarten students can choose Mandarin Chinese as an extra subject.

Art, Music and Thai dance with specialist teachers

At Prom School, we value creativity as well as academic excellence, our curriculum has more arts related classes than the national requirements.  We want our students to gain confidence in front of an audience and support them with multiple performing events and new year activities.


Sports are not just for physical wellbeing, our PE teachers encourage students to build unity, teamwork and sportsmanship. Our primary students have the opportunity to represent the school in competitions.